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Learning with Hootsuite University

HootsuiteYou don’t have to be around us very long to know we really, REALLY, like Hootsuite. Hootsuite provides us with a way to maximize not only our social presence, but the social presence of our clients.

One of the available tools for those using Hootsuite is Hootsuite University, a self-paced training program on maximizing your presence on social media networks.

The Hootsuite University program is designed for professionals seeking to increase skills in Hootsuite and other social media tools and tactics. The multi-faceted programs is Ideally suited for agencies, consultants, and in-house marketing teams looking to learn tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Through this training, you can learn everything from the basics of Hootsuite to industry specific uses of social media. The topics are varied, detailed, and updated as social networks change.

If you are interested in trying out Hootsuite, get in touch with us. And if you do decide to use Hootsuite, by all means sign up for the on-going training.

QOTD–“Stop Digging!”

“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. —Will Rogers”

Dig a hole

12 life-changing social media resolution

12 life-changing social media resolutions http://ht.ly/Gtr3Z http://ow.ly/i/84Ttp

The Fear of Failure

It must be a year end trend. Not one, but two articles showed up this morning on the fear of failure. Maybe because it is the end of the year and there is some soul-searching about we did or did not accomplish? No matter why (or what), we all experience that fear.

From Seth Godin:

We live in an extraordinary moment, with countless degrees of freedom. The instant and effortless connection to a billion people changes everything, but instead, we’re paralyzed with fear, a fear so widespread that you might not even notice it.

We have more choices, more options and more resources than any generation, ever.

And from Neil Patel:

When we fear failure, we’re at a crucial point of development. We’re admitting to ourselves that something is bigger than we are. In this case, it’s our fear.

Take a step back mentally, and ask this question: “What am I really afraid of?” “Failure” is not clear enough. There’s something more, something concrete.

Keep thinking, and find the big monsters that are freaking you out…

Both articles offer some excellent points and thoughts to consider when you have your own battle with the fear of failure.

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day

“16 Tips for Getting 90% of Your Work Done Before Lunch” [Inc.]

We have yet to meet the person who feels they have too much time and not enough to do (ok, maybe some bored children in the summer, but otherwise…).

So here are some great tips on how to work smarter. Our favorite?

Schedule your day the night before.

Every day, you should list all your tasks and when you’re going to do them the following day. You will not be productive unless you plan out everything you’re going to do the next morning.

Quick tip: Don’t schedule too much. Keep your to-do schedule light to actually accomplish real work.

You can read the article here.

Ideas for Your Social Media Network Strategy [grow]


In the early days of Twitter, we were just happy to have people follow us. But as time went on, we realized we needed a strategy that ensured we were getting the most out of our work on Twitter. This article has a list of ways you can strategically build you social media network.  Our favorite?

Mining Twitter Lists. Once you are on Twitter for awhile, you’ll notice that people will place you on public “lists.” Twitter Lists are a superb way to find relevant people to follow. Lists are generally categorized by a special interest or geographic location. For example, I might be on lists for “marketing experts,” “bloggers,” or “business educators.”  Once you find a relevant person to follow, dig into their Lists and you are likely to a goldmine of interesting people to follow.

You can find the rest of the list here.


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