Work the Plan [QOTD]

Hard work Drucker

Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Leadership Reality Checks [Inc.]

Reality check

We admit it…we are suckers for any kind of “Top 10” list. But, we really enjoy a top 10 list when it comes from Guy Kawasaki. Our favorite takeaway from the article?

4. How much does it cost to acquire a customer?

Amazingly, many entrepreneurs don’t fully think this through. A while back, I worked with a company that was spending $43 to acquire each “free for basic use” customer, assuming (wrongly it turned out) that almost all of them would upgrade into paid users.

You can read the article here.

Improve Your Knowledge

Improve knowledge

Achieve the Impossible [QOTD]

Attempt the absurd

Five Steps to Digital Hygiene [Seth Godin]

Habits are an important part of your digital worklife, and Seth Godin has given us five habits to develop for a healthy, productive digital life. Our favorite from the list?

Spend the most creative hour of your day creating, not responding.

You can read all five of the habits here.

Do anything, but not everything [QOTD]

You can do anyting

8 Simple Tools You Can Use to Create Better Content [Content Marketing Institute]


We like tools. But, they have to be the right tool for the right job. Sometimes they are pretty tools, sometimes they are not-so-pretty. But, if they are the tool that does the job, then they are the right tool.

So, here is a list of eight tools that can help you with your content creation. The purpose of this list is simple:

To help you thrive in this era of smart content, we share information about eight useful tools that can help you create more effective content and cut down on the time it takes to create it.

One of our favorites, Google Trends, is on the list. There are others we will be adding. You can see the entire list here.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

If you are in business, you know this: you need a social media strategy. You also know that you don’t have a good one (or maybe not one at all). So, what do you do?

You have two options:

“Listen. Prior to creating profiles or posting, observe your competitors, influencers and potential clients on your chosen social networks. What are they posting? What type of posts get the most traction? Are they using specific hashtags on Twitter or Instagram? Are they members of certain groups on LinkedIn.”

  • Let someone help you create your strategy. This would be our recommendation (but then, this is one of the things we do, so you knew how we would feel about it).

Either way, this is not something that can be ignored. A targeted strategy utilizes your social media for best advantage.

13 Social Media Templates to Help You Craft Great Social Posts [Social Media Today]

We love things that make our lives simpler, and this article has a bunch of templates that can help you work smarter and better. There is an important caveat from author Julia McCoy:

When you utilize these awesome templates for your business, make sure you use them for your business with your own posts. Don’t copy everything that you see; tweak it to fit your brand and needs as well as possible. Remember, being original is vital in everything – always stay original!

You can find the article here.

QOTD – Defy the crowd

Defy the crowd.


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